Hedge Trimming in Middleboro, MA

Another service we offer is bush and hedge trimming, both for reasons of aesthetics and the health of your bushes or hedges. Hedges and bushes take a little more trimming and pruning than most trees and it’s important to know when and how to do it. That’s where our experts come in, ready and prepared with the skill and knowledge to carefully take care of your hedges and bushes just the right way.

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    Bush Trimming

    We’ll let you in on a few tricks of the trade! If you have recently planted new hedges then it’s highly advisable that they are trimmed starting at a very early age. Doing this when they’re younger will contribute to preventing any unhealthy growth as well as help determine the shape of the hedge, whether you want them to look dashing and sharp, or cute and round for example.

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    Hedge Trimming

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    Regardless of how old the hedge is, a healthy trim should leave the hedge tapered. Maintaining the upkeep on your hedges is essential to sustain the growth and health of the hedge. Sometimes if a hedge gets out of control with its growth it is recommended to do some severe cutting. This also depends on the species of the hedge. Species like Conifers don’t react well when old wood is cut into. It is important to know what type of hedge you are trimming before going all in, which is another reason why it’s important to call trained professional such as Middleboro Tree Pros.

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